The Prisoner

What happens now the secret's out...

The secret’s out…

London November 1940.

When a devastating secret is revealed, how will Anna navigate the remains of the life she has so carefully built?


Following the revelations in Elizabeth Leyac’s diary and the secrets about her own life, Anna tries to return to her job in Fleet Street.

But there are those who would work against her for their own gain. And has she really found out all the secrets about the Leyac’s and her own family past?

What will she do when there’s nowhere else to turn?


>>>Germany November 1940

A British airman is taken prisoner following a plane crash and the death of his pilot, but is he all that he seems?

The Prisoner has a secret. A secret that for the sake of the war he must keep at all costs, even if it means betraying his own men. But can he keep this secret while wrestling with the guilt of this betrayal and his growing affection for the girl who writes to him, a girl who isn’t part of the plan?

As the lies mount with every new letter, what will he do next?.

>>>Follow Anna and the prisoner as together they navigate their separate problems in the backdrop of the winter of 1940 and the depths of World War Two.

If you loved Anna’s Home Front, you’ll relish the chance to get back into Anna’s story and find out the next instalment of the Home Front Series.

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