Terms of Service


I also hate the jargon thing so am on a mission to banish it completely and make everything easy to understand and useful.


As a client you’re hiring STWriter to complete a particular project or piece of work for a specific price which we both agree on and sign as part of the contract.


As the client you’re agreeing:

  • You’ve got the authority to agree to the contract for your company
  • To give STWriter everything we need to complete the project
  • To review and provide feedback, including signing-off within agreed timescales
  • To pay on time according to the schedule

As the service provider STWriter is agreeing to:

  • Carry out your service in a professional way
  • Respect the confidentiality of your organisation
  • Use experience and ability to give you the service you need


STWriter will carry out the marketing, copywriting, content writing, social media or other projects we have agreed on and all text will be delivered in document format.

We may include annotated screenshots to indicate where sections go if your site layout is complicated.


Most clients need some changes making, which is fine. However, as STWriter works on a fixed price basis for most projects, there is a limited amount of time we have to spend on editing and rewriting.

Just so things are clear you will get:

  • A first draft of the work
  • Two free revisions if needed

It should also be noted, that this only applies to the point of signing off work or publishing it on your site.

Always make sure you’re happy with the work described in the contract before signing it. After this these details cannot be changed and any edits or reworks must take place within the scope of the agreement.

This is because when projects are changed it can create lots of extra work, particularly if the project has already begun and we’ve spent time on it. Plus, the budgeted cost does not include any of these changes, so these would need to be chargeable.

This might happen if:

  • You decided to redesign the structure of your site or the layout of the pages
  • You change the positioning or features of your products or services

It is best for you and for us if you’ve agreed all these things prior to STWriter starting work.


The copyright of the work is yours, once the payment set out in the agreement has been received in full. The work is then yours to use as you want.

Before this point the copyright remains with STWriter, therefore if payment is not finalised, you won’t have the right to use the work.

We love to show others all the great work we’ve done so reserve the right to link to the completed project as part of the portfolio. Plus, it may help you with your Google ranking.


Deadlines are important and STWriter will always try to meet your needs wherever possible.

However, this can only be achieved if we work together, and we can’t be held responsible for any missed deadlines if you’re late with your initial deposit, slow to provide information or feedback by certain times.

This applies to circumstances beyond STWriter’s control too – including things like family emergencies, acts of God and other such circumstances.


I (Sara, owner of STWriter) make a living as a copywriter and my work is very important to me, it’s what feeds my children and pays my mortgage.

So, you agree to pay an initial payment of 50%, if we’ve never worked together before and 25% if we have, once the contract has been signed.

I won’t begin the project until this is received.

The remaining balance will be invoiced once the project has been completed.

If we’ve not received any communication from you after two weeks of sending through the first draft, we’ll assume you’re happy with the work and send you an invoice for the remaining balance.

Payment terms are 30 days.