How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

What are the words worth?

There’s a difference between copywriting and the stuff you get from a content mill that costs a few pennies by a few chancers who aren’t really professional copywriters.

Real copywriting – the stuff that takes real work, is the stuff that gets results and is a mixture of experience, knowledge, insight, artistic ability, creativity, science and talent.

Some days an article can take shape out in a coupe of hours, but other days it can take a lot of work changing and tweaking a single ad slogan.

And, it’s this that’s the real difference between the drivel you’ll get for cheap at a content mill and something of quality that gets results.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t matter what the word count is, it matters what the words can do

STWriter isn’t the cheapest out there, but isn’t the most the expensive either.

With over 10 years experience, you could find many copywriters who’ll charge you £400 – £500 per day for their time, but with me, you’re paying for quality at a fair price, not an expensive holiday yacht or private plane.

I always like to charge per project as every client is different and what each project needs is completely different.

By quoting a fixed price at the outset both you and I know where we stand and what we can expect at the end.

This is made up of my experience of how long each piece of work usually takes and the advice, experience and value I bring to you.

However, some clients prefer to work on a day rate as they want a consultancy experience

I also believe in transparency and prefer to add my copywriting rates to my site where they can be seen. Despite having more than 10 years experience I don’t charge huge prices, as I believe every business should have access to the good copy they need to grow.

When I calculate my rates I work out the time it usually takes to complete, alongside a number of other factors including things like, how clear and full the brief is, how difficult the work will be, how long it will take, and how fast the turnaround time needs to be.

Why not download a copy of my free price guide to see exactly what it costs?