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Many get confused between content and copy and think that content writing is essentially the same thing as copy.

But, there are some differences.

Whereas your copywriter is writing something designed to sell, your content writer is writing something designed to give information and enhance your brand.

Like a copywriter, a content writer engages and enhances your brand, understands your objectives and gets to know your audience, all in order to deliver that audience the information that will position you as an authority.

With content writing, it’s about building a brand slowly to develop awareness, loyalty and advocates over time that will then develop and sell your brand in the long-term.

This could be through using things like your blogs, your organic social media, producing white papers and documents, developing story and brand content pages, and even video and audio production.

But, again, like copywriting, it’s all too easy to assume that because we can all string a sentence together this kind of thing is easy, but it actually takes a lot of research and work before the writing part even happens.

Natural talent for writing and story is obviously a plus but it’s far more important to have a excellent knowledge and understanding of story, structure, narrative and marketing to produce content that works.

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Your social media manager uses copy skills, content writing skills, creativity, analytical skills and communication skills to speak directly to your audience and engage with them through social channels.

Again, a creative project, it’s important to understand how and why posting on a variety of related topics and fun aspects is vital to encouraging engagement and interaction.

Part of the job is growing audience numbers on social channels and increasing the key parameters a client requires, this could be anything from increasing traffic to the main site, to engagement.

However, there’s more to it than just throwing a few posts up and hoping for the best. It involves research and understanding of your brand, audience and objectives to work. It’s also vital to be able to understand and relay metrics and data for certain projects and campaigns.

With this kind of thing, it can be very time consuming for an activity that isn’t usually a direct selling tool. Instead, social media is about long-term gain and reputation rather than short-term sales, so for many business owners it can seem like a lot of work for very little initial traction.

This is why a top-notch social media marketing strategy and plan is a great way to start to see where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Plus, with someone at your side with knowledge, experience and understanding it’s easier to get back to running your business, knowing the social media side is taken care of.

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Don’t confuse copywriting with copyrighting.

I don’t have anything to do with registering patents, brand logo usage rights, intellectual property or other such things. That is the process of registering an official copyright.

Copywriting is different (an easy way to tell is by looking at the spelling).

I’ve gone into a bit of detail above in the question What does a Copywriter do to explain this.

But essentially, copywriting is the process of writing words designed to encourage a reader to take an action of some kind.

It’s just writing, and I can string a few words together, I don’t need anyone to do it for me.

If I had a pound for every time I’d heard that one…

Yes you could do it yourself, but you can’t do what I do unless you’re also a professional content writer, copywriter and social media expert.

Everyone thinks because they can throw a paragraph of text together they can write content and copy, but being able to write a letter to your child’s teacher, or the guy at work is different to being able to write content and copy that can engage and enhance your brand, while compelling your audience to achieve its goals in a clear, straight-forward way that looks easy.

If I put it another way, it’s like plumbing. You could have a go at your own plumbing and sure it’s just a few pipes fixed together – how hard can it actually be?

In the end you might have a leaky drip under the sink and your drain pipe might not even go to the drain anymore, but hey, you saved a few quid.

Copywriting and content writing is just the same. You could do it yourself, but it’ll never be the same as getting it from someone with more than ten years experience of doing this every day.

If you think about it, by getting in the experts now, you’re going to save time, money and hassle as you won’t be stuck at the desk endlessly writing and rewriting, wondering why it just doesn’t sound as good as you imagine it should.

And that’s before you think about all those potential customers and clients you’ve missed out on because your sales copy isn’t up to scratch and isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

And, if you’re thinking – well, great but why should I hire you over someone else, here’s a list:

Ten reasons to choose me over the competition.

There’s a lot of options and who you choose can depend on a number of factors. But, it’s a choice you should think carefully about as, after all, you’re trusting this person with the words that speak directly to your customers.

So, how to choose the best one can be a difficult decision, particularly if you’ve never worked with one before or you’ve had a bad experience by some unscrupulous scammer who claims to be a copywriter but can’t actually deliver.

There’s a few things to ask including, their experience level, their cost, availability, if they can show you they’re able to do the kind of work you’re after, their process and if they can give you some examples of previous work and then there’s things like how well they listen to you.

And, finally, don’t forget to choose someone you actually like, as if you’re going to be working with them you want them to be someone you can stand to spend time around.

Yes you could do it yourself cheaper, but it probably won’t work as well as anything a professional can give you.

Let me put it another way, most of us can walk, we merrily put one foot in front of another every single day, but does that mean we can win the 100m sprint at the next Olympics? No.

And, that’s because we’re not trained and coached into doing so. Walking every day and being an olympic sprinter is two totally different things.

A bit of talent can get you there, but to win you’ll need to practice and train daily, doing the same thing over and over, perfecting your technique until you’re primed to win.

Writing content and copy is exactly the same. I’m a professional who’s spent a lot of years practicing training and honing my skills so I can deliver.

Yes, you can write and probably do every day at work, but it’s not the same thing as writing copy to a standard that you need to get results in a business.

It’ll never be the impressive sales machine you want and it’ll inevitably contain waffle and unnecessary words.

So, what I’m saying is in the longterm it’s easier and cheaper to get a pro in right from the start.

Just consider all that time you’ll waste trying to do something you’re not primed and trained for, and think of all those clients and customers you’ll lose because you don’t really know what to put in to get the results you really want.

But, don’t take my word for it, here’s a few reasons why you should choose STWriter. 


As a professional copywriter and content writer, it’s my job to adopt and change writing style to suit a company brand.

This way any new copy automatically fits in with the current style.

However, there are times a company hasn’t really thought about writing style and everything’s all over the place.

In this instance, I’d offer recommendations as to how to fix this issue and which brand style fits best with their market, audience and position.

It’s possible, I’ve been doing this for more than ten years so I may have worked in your industry before.

However, it doesn’t really matter, and actually I’m of the opinion that sometimes it can hinder as often when you have insider knowledge you can forget that many of those not in your industry or new to it, won’t know the lingo terminology and will find it confusing.

So, often coming to an industry with no knowledge is a much better position and is one I’ve found really helps, particularly when I’ve worked within technical industries, like electrical services, financial advice, specialist equipment sales and even marketing, which has quite a lot of jargon.

I am an excellent all rounder who can write for pretty much any industry. I can turn complicated jargon into easy to understand and interesting copy.

Having said that I’ve got lots of experience working within the fitness and personal training space, equipment and luxury brand sales, author marketing and sales, publishing house marketing, financial advice, photography and artist marketing, small business and start-ups, and many others.

I’m also a specialist in using the power of story to inform and engage your content and copy and have both a master of arts in creative writing and published fiction. 

By combining this with my marketing experience and expertise, I can give you the power of story and bring your content and copy off the page and into the imagination of your readers.

Read more about me 


As part of my standard briefing process, I have a very in-depth questionnaire I send to all clients, which asks most of the things I’ll need to know.

As with anything, the more detail you give me the better job I can do.

If you think, I’ve got to interpret what you’re looking for and create something that fits with this and is also going to appeal to your audience and get results, therefore the more details you give me about your brand, business and audience, the better I can create what you’re looking for.

Alongside this, I’ll do my own research and probably ask for things like, topics to avoid, things that must be included, brand style, previous campaigns, and depending on the project I may need to talk to some of your staff too.

Visit my terms of service for more info

I offer any kind of copywriting, content writing and social media marketing, but if you’re after things like graphic design, web development, photography and illustration, I am part of a great network of businesses, so I know quite a few that I’ve worked with and can recommend to you.

I’ll give you a fixed quote for a project unless it’s something that requires a day rate and if work hasn’t started I won’t charge you for my time, unless it’s a large project that’s meant I’ve had to block out considerable time and you cancel at the last moment.

In this case there may be a charge for last minute cancellations.

If I’ve already started work on the project, you’ll be subject to the kill fee of up to 50% of the project fee.

Visit my terms of service for more info

Each quote is based on the brief you give and if for any reason you need to change this, the agreed cost may change depending on how significant the changes are.

If you’re only changing some things and the original brief isn’t changed significantly, the cost will be the same.

However, if these changes are quite considerable then I’ll need to reassess the impact of this on my time and what this will cost.

This is because the quotation is based on the brief I have at the time, and if that brief then changes and means considerably more work for me, it will change the cost.

Visit my terms of service for more info



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