Copywriting your way to Success

Learn to write copy the right way.

A Start Up Business Guide to Beginning a Content Strategy

Are you a start-up business in need of good copy for your ads, promos and website but can’t afford to pay a professional?

Want easy ways to make your copy work?
Looking to do it quickly so you can get back to building your business?

The answer is to write copy yourself. And that’s why you should read Copywriting Your Way to Success: A Start-Up Business Guide to Building a Copywriting Strategy.

Combining the experience of a professional content and copywriter, who has worked both in-house for companies and independently as a freelancer, with the knowledge of how hard it is to build a start-up business, S Thomson’s copywriting guide will give you quick, simple ways to start writing copy yourself and make it work.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Copywriting Your Way to Success:

•Why a brief is vital, even if you’re writing for yourself and how it can help you write better
•The need for research and how to make it useful, not dull
•How you can use your competitors to make yourself write better
•Why ‘I’ and ‘We’ are dirty words in copywriting
•What makes a good headline and how to make yours work
•Why getting down into the copywriting trenches is the best way to learn quickly
•What content writing is and how adding it to copy can take it to the next level

You’ll also learn:

•The importance of structure and how to get it right
•What style is and how to get one
•How a CTA can make or break your entire copy strategy
•The importance of revisions and how to make them fun
•Problems that get you down and how to tackle them

The copywriting success book is your key to beginning your start-up copywriting journey and is a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Get this first book in the start-up business guide series today and get yourself off to a great star