Anna’s Home Front

One Secret Changes her War Forever...

WW2 September 1940.

During the middle of a Blitz raid on wartime London, Journalist Anna Forrester receives the phone call that will change everything.

Her dying mother leaves her the diary of the long deceased aristocratic heiress Elizabeth Leyac. Just who was this Elizabeth and how did her mother come to be in possession of the dead girl’s diary? And what is the connection to the famous mystery of the missing Leyac twin, stolen from his crib just hours after birth 25 years earlier?

1908 Elizabeth Leyac’s father dies suddenly and her devastated mother tells her a secret, which sets in motion a chain of events in Elizabeth’s life. Just what is this secret which devastates the young girl and why does she refuse to record it in her diary?

Join Anna as she follows Elizabeth’s story and uncovers her secrets, while coming to terms with her own mother’s death and the mysterious threats from her own absent father.

Anna’s Home Front is a historical novel set in wartime London. It is an ideal read for anyone who loves immersing themselves in the lives and struggles of WW2 women and has a penchant for 1940s novels.

With two main protagonists, the story tells of two women separated by two wars, their differences, similarities and how both girls deal with personal problems during difficult periods in history.

So, if you love wartime novels and particularly those about WW2 girls, Anna’s Home Front (part one of the Home Front Series) is the ideal book for you.

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