Who is STWriter?

The story experts


STWriter is a words first company but believe that it’s only through a whole package approach to marketing that true results can be found.

What this actually means is I’m a story specialist marketing writer who can deliver your marketing projects using a fully rounded approach to channels and formats – always with the focus on making your message shine through first

I don’t mess around and don’t hold the punches. If I think your marketing needs an overhaul, I’ll say so, but equally if I think you’re doing great and just need a few tips, pointers and help in the right direction, I’ll be honest then too.

With extensive experience behind me and a whole raft of industries from b2b – b2c and back again, I’m in a great position to help you take your writing, content, blogs and marketing strategy to the next level.

I want you to succeed because when you do I do too, so always aim to give the very best of my experience and expertise to every project and every client.

I often get asked what a story-specialist actually is and I love getting this question because, as humans, we often don’t realise how in-tune we all are to story in our lives.

A story specialist content and copy writer is someone who works with you to not-only make your content and copy convert, sound amazing, deliver results and all the usual KPI’s you’re after, but we’ll do it in a way that uses narrative to help get that message across.

Ultimately I want your potential clients and customers to read your words and be so enthralled in the story you’re telling them about how their lives will be so much better with you in it, that saying no just isn’t an option.

Story is one of the most powerful and useful tools that most other businesses aren’t utilising – so why not get ahead and make the most of it now?



” If you were to ask who is the real person behind the words – I would have to say that I’m not your average degree educated content and copywriter with ten years experience – for one thing I have four (yes four) children and have been married for more years than I can admit to without getting the “wow” response.

I know what it means to manage pressured situations and deliver results both at home and at work – my husband’s demanding career taught me this skill.

But, how does any of this relate to my ability to write good story focused content and copy?
Quite simply, it shows that my experience goes beyond the mechanics of writing, it extends into personal experience and it is this very experience, combined with my writing skill that allows me to improve and enhance the work I do.

At STWriter we want to deliver the very best to our clients and work closely with those who share our vision of excellence. Ultimately, when you achieve your goals, so do we.”