Book Blurbs and Author Marketing

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to sell books, and in fact, you could say that of any product – particularly if you’re an unheard-of author who’s only written a couple of books so far.

But, this can be made an even greater task if you shy away from the copywriting element that is book-blurb writing, emails to your readers, and even your author bios.

And before you protest and say “but I’ve been told I shouldn’t be yelling ‘buy my book’” that’s not exactly what copywriting and good book blurb writing is all about.

Good copy (think blurbs) and good emails, author bios and general communication with your readers isn’t about shouting at them to buy now, it’s more about giving them information on what your book and your stories will do to help their lives.

After all, you’re giving your readers a great story – whether that’s fiction or non-fiction. So, why not be confident in who you are, what you’re offering and make the most of it?

Here’s my top five reasons to be more confident in your work:


Most authors are also avid readers too, and understand the unique joy and excitement of escaping into another world that comes with a new book. And, it doesn’t matter whether you’re into that happily ever after or you prefer being the detective solving the murder before time runs out, we all know the unique pleasure that reading can bring.

So, as an author you’re now in the opposite position to the one you’re used to and with this change of perspective comes the need to be proud of the value you’re giving. You’re now the one giving readers that joy – how amazing is that?

So, own your value and be proud of what you’re giving – it will show in your sales copy.


Back in the early days of the ebook there was a whole glut of scammers who made a lot of money selling terrible products to unsuspecting readers by working very hard on their marketing.

As more good authors have emerged and the marketplace is now more crowded, there’s less of these scammers, but they’re still around and they still sell rubbish because they do the marketing.

As an author of a decent book who has worked hard to make it the best you can, you should look at marketing as a way to get rid of the junk and get the good stuff seen. By working on your marketing, you’re helping to get rid of these scammers and giving readers better quality books.

So, yes I do think you should be joining the other good authors who are working hard on their marketing.

If your book is good, it’s your duty to get it seen as much as possible.


The author marketing world is full of ‘tricks’ that will help you sell more books, but the catch is they only work for a short time and then they’ll fall off a cliff and that’s the end of that.

Then it’s onto the next trick, then the next, etc, etc.

But the problem with this is you’re always chasing and always looking for the next big thing, that inevitably disappears again.

What’s always there though, is good marketing built up for a long-term presence. This is by far the best way to build your marketing and if you make the effort to learn it, or get help from someone who knows it, you’ll be in a much better position in the long-term than your author friend who keeps chasing those tricks.


For every success there’s countless failures, and it’s commonly been said that the reason these people have success is because they didn’t quit.

And, for all there may be an element of truth in this, it’s also true that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a fool’s game.

Marketing for authors is about working smarter. Making a note of all the things that go wrong and all the things that go right and refining.

So, for example, you try ads and get minimal success, so you change the cover and it improves a little, you change the copy and it improves again.

Each time you’re refining and changing your ad to respond to the response you’re getting.

If you’re getting no response, it’s time to think again about why that might be the case.

It’s about selling smarter, but making sure you’re actually doing the work.


I’m going to get tough here now. So, your books aren’t selling – do something about it, don’t feel sorry for yourself and let your mind take you down the path of jealousy and anger, this will only make things worse.

Try something new, try a new approach. This isn’t the time for feeling sorry for yourself – it’s time to take action and fix it.

Seriously sit and examine if you’re the thing holding you back, is it fear, worry, something else? Have a conversation with your psyche and find out what it is that’s stopping you then fix it so you can get the author career you want and deserve.


Don’t give up. Work smart. Think cleverly.

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